Wall Street experience


Above: Diagonal put spread on SPY ETF(Exchange Traded Fund) using Ameritrade’s Think or Swim Platform.


Above: Vertical spreads for two different stocks. One is a call spread and the other a put spread to hedge Incase I’m wrong about market direction either way. Both use time decay to my advantage and a few dollars in the money to compensate for any price fluctuations.

Wealth Mentors by Mariam MacWilliams
I did a U.S stock options trading course by Marriam MacWilliams in 2011. You can read more about her at these links:



Her website 

A blog

My Options Strategies include both singles and spreads for call and put options. Spreads include:

  1. Vertical Spreads
  2. Diagonals
  3. Butterfly

My ETF picks:

  1. SPY
  2. GLD
  3. SLV

My Stocks picks:

  1. Apple
  2. Google

Preferred Trading Software & Broker

Think or Swim by TD Ameritrade


  1. 30 daily/hourly SMA (standard moving average)
  2. 15 day/hourly SMA
  3. 7 day/hourly SMA


Moody: 7-10 Bullish, 1-5 Bearish


Bullish for the U.S economy (SPY ETF) for the next 20 years. Obviously this is a long term forecast that would include fluctuations but the overall market movement is up.