Game Technology

Runge-Kutta Real Time Physics Simulator for Aerospace


Lightwave 3D Demo

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Unreal: Photo Realistic Demonstration

I’m now experimenting with Unreal Game Engine and comparing how it works with Unity3D. At first glance it seems more capable. It’s able to create photo realistic environment perfect for renovation/building/architecture demos.

Hiroshima Nuclear Explosion Simulator (c++ OpenGL)

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Campus Explorer(c OpenGL)

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First Person Shooter Style V.R of Murdoch University

Space Gun (c++ OpenGL)

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2D Cross Sectional Planetary Scale Physics Game allowing the player to experiment shooting payloads into orbit. Includes the Earth and Moon system around the Earth-Moon Barycenter. Uses a Newtonian physics engine that conserves momentum. The Spin of the Earth is simulated so it must be taken into account when trying to aim the space gun  at another point on the Earth for sub orbital trajectories. Projection of projectile is done with Improved Euler Discrete Computational Maths AKA Runge Kuttra Method using the Barycenter of the Earth Moon System for reference.

3D Astronaut Simulator (c++ OpenGL)


Click Here to view a video demonstration of this program on Youtube.

Demonstrates Icosahedron tesselation technology for CLOD of planets.

Astrometrics (c OpenGL)

Animates the speed of light in the solar system to give the user a sense of scale and time in relation between light speed and the solar system.

Particle & Celestial simulator (Visual Basic OpenGL)

Click Here to view a video of this demo on Youtube.

Click Here to view ANOTHER demo of this program simulating sub-atomic particles on Youtube.

This is a Visual Basic OpenGL project I did using the Tao OpenGL API. This is a planetarium as well as a sub atomic simulator.

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