Managed Funds

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Thanks to my father I have income from at least one successful managed fund while others have failed or turned out to be ponzi schemes.


  1. TriumphFX: GM1($7,000), GM2($10,000), SM($1,000), MSP($3,100 – 66% recovery), Gindex($10,000 – RIP)
  2. FXUnited($20,000 Failed/Ponzi)
  3. Luxembourg Investments($20,000 Failed/Ponzi)

TriumphFX is a forex broker company that provides a trading platform for multiple trading entities/companies. The winners from this group are GM1, GM2 and SM. All of which are from the same management team but each entity has it’s own trading strategy that is a variation of each other.


Capital: $7,000

Average Monthly ROI: $200/2.3%

This entity trades gold vs USD. This in my opinion is a smart move because gold value will always go up over the long term as it’s got a finite supply on Earth(until the day we humans do space mining in the distant future). However when the strongest economy in the world is doing well they also accumulate dollars. By systematically accumulating gold and dollars based on market prediction but while assuming long term growth of both dollars and gold this is a winning strategy as neither dollar nor gold is likely to lose their value in the long term.



Average Monthly ROI: $326/3.26%

This is a slightly riskier and potentially more profitable variation of GM1. But so far their yields have been slightly higher compared to GM1.


Capital: $2,000

Average Monthly ROI: $79/3.93%

This particular variation of the GM1 and GM2 management trades silver vs USD instead of gold. Again their returns have been slightly higher compared to GM1 and GM2. That is roughly 3.93% ROI per month.

Brokers Summary

So far only TriumphFX seems to be legitimate and stable while FXUnited and Luxembourg both failed or turned out to be a ponzi scheme. TriumphFX it self I got involved with back in 2013 and so far have made consistent profits from the traders GM1 and GM2 that work for TriumphFX as trading entities. Within TriumphFX there are multiple trading entities, some good, some bad, some downright toxic and some are transitioning. I made the mistake of moving some funds within TriumphFX to some of these other trading entities not related to GM1 and GM2 such as Gindex and MSP and they lost money, however MSP has had a changed in management and have recovered up to 66% of their fund before they made a significant loss. Gindex has not recovered and lost more money since. I have also moved $1,000 to SM which is run by the same team that runs GM1 and GM2. So far so good.

GM1, GM2 and SM are returning roughly 2-3% monthly ROI on average combined.